Dr Marie-Hélène Marion is a neurologist, who pioneered the use of Botulinum toxin in the treatment of dystonia as early as 1986, in France. Since that time, she has been treating the most complex forms of blepharospasm , cervical dystonia, writer’s cramp and jaw and tongue dystonia with Botox injections.

This blog is written to help patients to better understand their condition and its treatment; Dr Marion believes that the education of a patient with dystonia is a primary requisite for a good outcome.

Dr Marion has recently founded the British Neurotoxin Network www.neurotoxinnetwork.org to promote exchanges about best practice between professionals, involved in the treatment of dystonia. She is also a medical adviser for the UK dystonia society.

Dr Marion is the director of the London BTX centre in London and works also in the ENT department of St George’s Hospital on speech, breathing and swallowing difficulties. To read more about Dr Marie-Helene Marion, go to www.drmarion.co.uk

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