Sensorimotor retraining for patients with dystonia with Richmond Stace and Sally Glover

Richmond Stace ( London) and Sally Glover (Birmingham), neuro-physiotherapists share their large experience of treating patients with dystonia in this webinar organised by Dystonia UK. Dystonia is often a life changing condition which require for the patient to move forward and reflect about his own goals and expectations. Relearning how to move and live with the dystonia is a journey that Richmond and Sally will take you through in this enlightening webinar.

Webinar with Richmond Stace and Sally Glover on Dystonia

Retraining of Cervical Dystonia with Jean Pierre Bleton, organised by Dystonia Europe

Webinar Dr JP Bleton and dr MH Marion on 9th May 2020, organised by Dystonia Europe, with Adam Kalinowski and Edwidge Ponseel

Thank you to Adam Kalinowski, president and Edwidge Ponseel, vice president of Dystonia Europe for organising this webinar about the retraining of patients with Cervical dystonia.

Thank you to Jean Pierre Bleton for providing this invaluable educating tool for patients understanding better what ‘s happening in their neck muscles and what to do to control better the dystonic spasm. It will be also very helpful for physiotherapists to access the unique experience of JP Bleton on this topic.